See what folks are saying about their stay at West Point Cove Camp!

"Fished steady for five days. Favorite moment: Troy getting slapped in the face by a walleye."

~Party from Minn.

"Highlights: every moment in this beautiful place! Thank you for your hospitality."

~Couple from British Colombia

"Saw moose, black bear, fox and plenty of fish. Barton's pole is at the bottom of the lake. 38 and 36 1/2 in. Northern Pike; both fish were mounted."

~Party from Wisc.

"We're crossing the country west to east and wanted to stop somewhere in this part. Walked around Sioux Lookout; sat on the rocks watching the boats, planes, trains and wildlife; relaxed; stargazed; climbed Sioux Mountain."

~J & S, London, England

"Fish, ate, slept...fish, ate, slept...saw lots of ducks out kitchen window. Saw bear, mink, otter, beaver, eagles and wolf. Limited out in about 4 1/2 hrs. for Walleye and Northern Pike."

~Party from Wisc.

"Swam, played on the beach, boat ride, a bit of fishing, played games in the evening."

~Couple from Nova Scotia visiting family in Sioux Lookout

"Everyone I know from Attawapiskat to Adelaide will hear about this place!"

~N. Michelin, Sioux Lookout, ON

"Came up to spend a couple of days and stayed four."

~Chef Don, Thunder Bay, ON

"Good stories around the campfire. One roll of vacuum saver bags was not enough for all the fillets brought back. Lots of fish!!"

~Party from Wisc.

"Favorite moments: Bald eagles doing acrobatical stunts & picking up fish 20 ft. from the boat."

~Party from Minn.

"What we did: plane ride, canoeing, swimming, cooking, fishing, water skiing, climbed Sioux Mountain."

~Party from Austria

"Favorite moment: stargazing on the dock with my girlfriend."

~J. Foley, Pa.

"We had a wonderful week and hope we have the opportunity to come back to your lovely camp. A few of us went up in a float plane to get a BIRD'S EYE VIEW of the area."

~S. Gingerich, Iowa